Businesses – Cut flowers & Office plants 

Cut flowers

Whether it's your office reception, a hotel lobby, a conference hall, or a restaurant, our fresh cut flowers are sure to add a burst of life to the atmosphere.

Every week, our team comes up with carefully customised flower designs and vases to fit the ambience and your brand identity, with a perfectly complementing colour combination and look. It's a new floral surprise every week, ready to fill the air with elegant, botanic beauty.


Office plants

Add a touch of class and creativity with customised handmade pots, created in collaboration with Plants First Choice. 

Choose from up to 30 different models of beautifully designed pots, with 3–6 sizes each to suit your taste. What's most impressive is that we can even help pick any colour you desire for the pots to be made in, so you can have them fit perfectly into your environment's, or your brand's, colour scheme.